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Presidental Candidates: Obama – McCain

 Having agreed to exhibit a few paintings and handcrafted items for a holiday exhibit at Arts Clayton Gallery in metro-Atlanta, I’ve been thinking about what to submit.  Paintings? Knitted items?  hand-painted plaques?  And then…as I was browsing the internet,  I found a very cool finger puppet pattern!  But, instead of knitting puppets for children, I decided to create Obama and McCain finger puppets getting along and happy to be with each other – for adults.  Actually, these finger puppets would be a great teaching prop in exposing kids to the world of politics. 

At the same time, the idea of non-representational portraits of both presidental candidates developed, which will be on exhibit (and for sale) at Arts Clayton Gallery – a very friendly and welcoming gallery.  Of course, the finger puppets will accompany the portraits, since they were the inspiration for the portrait paintings.  Check back within a few days for the paintings!


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