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Polyphemus – the cyclops…

Hi, my name is Polyphemus, and I’m going to__________________you.  Remember the Chucky movies?  Jokingpolyphemus here, of course.  Let me start again….

Je m’appelle, Polyphemus.  I am a cyclops, and a member of the primoridal race of giants.  My father is Poseidon who is known as the “father of the sea.”  Our most outstanding feature, among other very fine qualities, is our large single eye. 

Our race, the cyclops, originated in Greek mythology and later in Roman mythology.  We are characters in many  fine books and plays by Hesiod, Homer, Virgil, and many others.  It’s been said we gifted Zeus the thunderbolt, Hades’ his helmet of invisibility (and the cloaking device for the Romulians :)), and Poseidon’s trident.


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