CJ, the knitted poodle…

Remember a few posts ago, I was working on a knitted version of my chocolate standard poodle, CJ (aka Cowboy Junior)?   Well. he’s doooooone!   And I’ve named it CJ III.   Below are photos of the two CJs – will the REAL CJ please stand up for a treat! 

Btw, the yarn used is Lionbrand Homespun Earth, which amazingly is very close to the color and feel of the real CJ’s hair.



The knitted poodle pattern is from Vintage Purls.  Once you’ve linked to Vintage Purls, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the poodle pattern.  The pattern is from 1951, and it calls for double strands of wool throughout the project.  But that was 1951; they didn’t have all the variety of yarns we do today, so I use a single strand of  bulky Lionbrand Homspun Earth which is very soft and fluffy to the touch.  Of course, if you want a little poodle, use a single strand of worsted weight or sports yarn.  I didn’t follow the pattern completely; I used buttons for the eyes, and wound the yarn 3 times to make the looped fabric.  Have fun knitting your own poodle 🙂


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  1. that is awesome! It does look a lot like him! I have a black standard and he would love a buddy like that. right now his favorite is a stuffed monkey.

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