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Mr. Frosty pattern

Mr. Frosty

Experience level: Beginnermr-frosty

Finished measuremnt: approximately 11 inches high, including hat


  • worsted weight yarn of the following colors – white, scarlet, grey, and small amount of black for the eyes.  Of course, you can use any colors you want…I used buttons for the eyes and mouth instead of yarn.
  • Size 8 (5mm) needles or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Stuffing
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: 17 stitches = 4 inches/10cm in St st.  The gauge is not ultra important here…remember this is a stuffed toy.

Body: Begin at bottom with white & CO 20 sts

  • Row 1 (RS): [K1, inc] in each st across = 40 sts
  • Row 2 and all rem WS rows: Purl
  • Row 3: Rep Row 1 = 80 sts
  • Row 5-36: Work even in St st (have total of 41 rows at this point)
  • Row 37: *K2, k2tog, rep from * across = 60 sts
  • Row 39: *K1, k2tog, rep from * across = 40 sts
  • Row 41-62: Work even in St st.
  • Row 63: *K2, k2tog, rep from * across = 30 sts
  • Row 65: K1, k2tog, rep from * across = 20 sts
  • Row 66: Purl

Cut yarn leaving a 15 inch end.  Using tapestry needle, thread yarn through rem sts, pull tight, then sew back seam.

Stuff body, gather bottom sts and pull tight; fasten off securely.  Shape body. 

With black yarn, embroider eyes OR sew buttons for eyes.

Hat: With red, CO 44 sts

  • Row 1 – 10: Work in k2, p2 ribbing
  • Row 11 – 32: Beg with a knit row, work even in St st.
  • Row 33 (RS): *K2, k2tog, rep from * across = 33 sts
  • Row 34: Purl
  • Row 35: *K1, k2tog, repr from * across = 22 sts
  • Row 36: Purl

Cut yarn leaving a 10 inch end.  Using tapestry needle, thread yarn through rem sts, pull tight, then sew back seam.

Make a small pompom and fasten to top of hat – optional

Scarf: with grey (or any color), CO 13 sts.

  • Row 1: K1, *1, k1, rep from * across

Rep Row 1 for seed st until scarf meas 21 inches long.  BO all sts

Ta -dah — Mr. Frosty!


It’s snowing…on wordpress!

I love the snow flurries available on this blog!  After the snowflakes melted from my eyes, I was quite surprised to find Mr. Frosty inside the house in front of a Christmas tree!  From his expression, he’s also very surprised!


I found the Mr. Frosty knitting pattern a long time ago on the internet, and now is no longer available.  Since I really like this knitted toy, I will type it out for you, so check back in a few days to a week for the pattern… yes, it may be that long before I can put it on my blog…life tends to get in the way sometimes!

And more…finger puppets!:)

Finger Puppies!


Okay…you’re probably getting tired of my obsession with finger puppets, but I MUST tell you about the finger puppet pattern I found at Knituition.  The sample for the finger puppy at Knitutition are the 2 pups on the right…the dark chocolate on the left is my standard poodle CJ (aka Cowboy Junior).  The white one (2nd from the left) WAS supposed to be a cat, but it’s looks like a polar bear instead…I guess it’s a polar cat.

And now, I’m leaving…


Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Can you tell I’m really into finger puppets?!  I found this neat pattern at Team Knit, so check them out.  There’s some beautiful neckwarmer patterns on the blog as well.  Also, there’s pictures of some awesome manufactured  knitted and crocheted bathing suits that will inspire and wish away the pounds.

Fingerprint Portrait done!:)

In the previous post, I wrote about knitting fingerpuppets of the presidental candidates, Obama and McCain, and how the creative process led me to paint ‘fingerprint portraits’ of both people.  These fingerprint portraits are now in a gallery, and have received several commissioned fingerprint portraits.

Here’s an example of one.  The first image is the canvas with just the background painted – no ‘fingerprinting.’  The second (click on thumbnail for larger image) is the finished painting.  





The portrait was commissioned by a Mom as a gift for her 13 year old daughter – it’s this young girl’s life story, so far… her favorite colors are lime green and turquoise, which I used for the background.  I love how the background came out – it’s cheerful, happy, sunny and textural. Email me if you want to commission or want more info on ‘Fingerprint Portraits’ at marti@martihand.com.

I found the cutest knitting site for knitted toys a few weeks ago at Mochimochiland, and knitted the 3 varieties of grass below – fescue, zoysia, and bermuda.  It’s fall here in Atlanta, and grass is growing strong!


Fingerprint Portrait commission

contemplating_sm‘contemplating’ by Marti Hand. I did this sculpture in early 2008 working from a live model.

A few posts ago, I knitted finger puppets of the presidental candidates, Obama and McCain.  During the creative process of knitting the finger puppets, the idea of painting fingerprint portraits of Obama and McCain evolved.  Scroll down a few posts and see the puppets and fingerprint portraits. 

From that ‘aha’ moment, a few people have commissioned fingerprint portraits as gifts.  The portraits are unique in that they are a visual and written story of that person’s life, whether she/he is 100 years old, 12 years old, 44 years old or newborn. 

Check back soon for a look at a commissioned fingerprint portrait – I’m sure it will be verrrrrry interesting!  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll take pictures of the portrait in progress…


dishing up fingerless mittens


I’ve been busy dishing up fingerless mittens in this wonderfully simple and pleasing pattern of cables.  Here’s the link for this lovely pattern

As I posted a few weeks ago, I looooove fingerless mittens – so easy, fast, useful, practical and fun!  I am planning to start a victorian pair of fingerless mittens with beading, as an experiment and to challenge myself.


And now I leave you with this quote from Rumi…


Have you figured out your “particular work?”

Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1272) is the Sulfi mystic and poet best known for his poems expressing the ecstatsies and mysteries of love in all its forms-erotic, platonic, divine.