Knitting and art


My first post described the similarities between knitting and creating a painting.  The act of knitting also helps in the thinking process that goes into the initial phases of a painting, at least for me.  To begin a painting usually entails 3 elements: reading, imagery, and thinking.  These three components, then, swirl in my mind/brain during a ‘percolation’ phase, which can last a few days to months.  Then, I get the ‘aha’ moment, and I know how I want the new painting to be.

So, how does knitting fit into the ‘percolation’ phase of a painting?      

The quietness of knitting, the background noise of a low-volumed TV, repetiveness of knitting and purling, and the relaxed state of mind relaxes the entire physical body.  It’s as if the body is breathing a big, long and deep sigh – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Knitting is soothing for the mind, body, spirit and emotions.  And that is what I need, i.e., a relaxed state, to think about starting a painting.  At the moment, my mind and brain is in the ‘percolation’ phase of a new painting, so check back soon.  In the-mean-time, join me at my other blog Creativity in Healthcare and website Marti – see you there!

Btw, the yarn in the serving bowl is Paton’s Chunky Tweed, and this is what I’m having for dinner tonight 🙂 – Yummy~


Polyphemus – the cyclops…

Hi, my name is Polyphemus, and I’m going to__________________you.  Remember the Chucky movies?  Jokingpolyphemus here, of course.  Let me start again….

Je m’appelle, Polyphemus.  I am a cyclops, and a member of the primoridal race of giants.  My father is Poseidon who is known as the “father of the sea.”  Our most outstanding feature, among other very fine qualities, is our large single eye. 

Our race, the cyclops, originated in Greek mythology and later in Roman mythology.  We are characters in many  fine books and plays by Hesiod, Homer, Virgil, and many others.  It’s been said we gifted Zeus the thunderbolt, Hades’ his helmet of invisibility (and the cloaking device for the Romulians :)), and Poseidon’s trident.

presidental portraits…

A few posts ago, I showed you the finger puppets I knitted of the presidental candidates, McCain and Obama.  Since the inspiration for the non-representational portraits were finger puppets, I decided to title them ‘fingerprint portraits’, and here they are.  The lines that produce the fingerprints are word descriptions of each candidate, e.g., party, quotes, education, family, etc.  the puppets are much better looking than the real ones – aren’t they? 

Who will win – Obama?  McCain?  Don’t forget to vote!

Click on the thumbnail portraits to enlarge the image.

 McCain (as if you didn’t know:))











…still working on the 2008 presidental candidate portraits

 I’m still working on the 2008 presidental candidates portraits which were inspired by knitting the Obama and McCain finger puppets 1 1/2 weeks ago.  In-the-mean time, here’s a quote I painted and collaged on canvas. Btw, the shiny parts you see is just the gloss varnish.  Again, check back in a couple days for the portraits…they are beccoming verrrry interesting.

Presidental Candidates: Obama – McCain

 Having agreed to exhibit a few paintings and handcrafted items for a holiday exhibit at Arts Clayton Gallery in metro-Atlanta, I’ve been thinking about what to submit.  Paintings? Knitted items?  hand-painted plaques?  And then…as I was browsing the internet,  I found a very cool finger puppet pattern!  But, instead of knitting puppets for children, I decided to create Obama and McCain finger puppets getting along and happy to be with each other – for adults.  Actually, these finger puppets would be a great teaching prop in exposing kids to the world of politics. 

At the same time, the idea of non-representational portraits of both presidental candidates developed, which will be on exhibit (and for sale) at Arts Clayton Gallery – a very friendly and welcoming gallery.  Of course, the finger puppets will accompany the portraits, since they were the inspiration for the portrait paintings.  Check back within a few days for the paintings!

I love fingerless mittens!



Ahhhh, I love knitting fingerless mittens!  They’re easy, quick, useful, and make great gifts.   I modified an existing pattern to incorporate a geometric design to my fingerless mitts.  The original  twin rib pattern is available here fingerless mitts in a pdf document:  .  There is also a twin rib matching twin rib headband in pdf.

getting started…finally!

 I just got back into some serious knitting close to 2 months ago after many years of not touching anything knitting related.  And the reason for re-discovering knitting?  Two months ago (August), I put on a major solo exhibit at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta, which was both exciting, fun and totally exhausting.  The months leading up to the exhibit were spent on creating new work for the solo show.  I spent many, many, MANY hours painting late into the night or waking up in the wee hours (say 2:30 & 3:30am) to paint.  I looked many times at my fingers to see if there was any blood dripping from my fingertips – nope.  That’s why I was completely exhausted in mid-August. 

So, where does the knitting come in?  Since August, I haven’t touched paints, brushes, canvases, BUT I have been knitting.  Knitting has replaced painting, at least for the time being, until I resume painting again.  There’s some similarities with knitting and painting – I still get to work with color (yarn – paints), tools (needles – brushes), output (knitted object – painting on canvas), techniques (stitch patterns – painting techniques).  What I like about knitting is the existence of patterns, it’s functionality and practicality. I don’t design any knitwear patterns, I just pick a pattern I like, the color yarn and away I click.  Painting, for me, is a much longer creative process – reading, looking at images, thinking, and allowing ‘things’ to percolate in my brain – this can take from a few weeks to few  years, and that’s without even painting anything!

My first knitting project were these adorable kittens. The design for the knitted kittens is not mine, the kittens are.  The pattern can be found at this potty mouth’s link.