dishing up fingerless mittens


I’ve been busy dishing up fingerless mittens in this wonderfully simple and pleasing pattern of cables.  Here’s the link for this lovely pattern

As I posted a few weeks ago, I looooove fingerless mittens – so easy, fast, useful, practical and fun!  I am planning to start a victorian pair of fingerless mittens with beading, as an experiment and to challenge myself.


And now I leave you with this quote from Rumi…


Have you figured out your “particular work?”

Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1272) is the Sulfi mystic and poet best known for his poems expressing the ecstatsies and mysteries of love in all its forms-erotic, platonic, divine.


I love fingerless mittens!



Ahhhh, I love knitting fingerless mittens!  They’re easy, quick, useful, and make great gifts.   I modified an existing pattern to incorporate a geometric design to my fingerless mitts.  The original  twin rib pattern is available here fingerless mitts in a pdf document:  .  There is also a twin rib matching twin rib headband in pdf.